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  1. Raquel Martin says,

    I am Milli’s niece…  I had an idea and was wondering if anybody knew how to make this possible.

    I have it in my heart to dedicate a fairy grotto memorial to milli, full of crystals and wings that people can walk through… either in byron somewhere or Gondwana if they’re allowed to do such a thing.

    Do you think together we could make this possible?

    I live in new zealand but am to and fro from oz and would love to take part.

    The media asked me on camera after the sentencing of the driver…
    “how would I like milli to remembered?”
    Although I hadn’t thought of it at the time… this is what I believe she would love.

    What do you think? Would you know who to ask?

    I shall be over again in may for a few days….not long enough to build it I guess but will certainly try to get back to help out and open it or something if the idea takes off.

    Raquel Martin

  2. Hi All
    I have only known of Milli’s passing a few days. I am deeply affected on many levels. I am sad I was not present at any of the events held for her passing . I am happy to be able to contribute to this tribute. Thanks you so much Carsten and everyone. I was present at toastmasters when she gave a talk about the community she visioned. It held a festival every year as a way to make money and pay for costs. I consider it a brilliant idea to this day. I would consider coming to something. Understanding her current vision may have been NVC and full aho to that there were so many layers to her. I am filled with happiness that she evolved herself to such a level that she achieved happiness. I have not met her partner but would love to. Milarepa you are a queen among women. all my love maive

  3. I am keen to be a part of co-ordinating a Milli O’Nair Foundation to support people to connect with NVC. With what I knew of Milli, although it wasn’t much, I feel that I understood that she had enormous energy and enthusiasm for supporting people to connect with and mature in NVC. Since we arrived in Byron at the start of the year, she had been offering myself and my partner the opportunity to assist her on trainings, and was constantly encouraginig us to do more in the areas we were interested in. It would be exciting to continue this energy somehow, and the forum of a foundation seems as though it will support that, especially as people have told me that she had some kind of fund for supporting people to come to NVC trainings already. I would like to share this with others (the more the better!) and am interested to know who else might want to be a part of this?
    Love and peace

  4. of course grieving is still taking place and i am very clear that milli is no longer here with us…i have no disbelief in this reality and am not in shock anymore. milli was my good friend and i expressed that because it is only a few weeks since she passed and  the idea of people going through her things and dissipating them doesn’t sit right with me. its really none of my business…of course. if i was still in byron (i live in ireland) and shared ceremony with the community there i may feel differently. life is bitter sweet x

  5. Dear Traci,
    Thanks for your comment. I imagine that the shock of Milli’s death and the grieving is still taking place in you. Many I know are still at times in disbelief. For myself I last experienced it when seeing a photo of Milli in full aliveness. It was so easy to connect with Milli and her exuberant energy that I reconnected with the disbelief that she is no longer here in physical presence, so clearly hearing and remembering her being.
    Maybe while Milli still seems so alive it can be a bit jarring to face the practical aspects of her death and what to do about it?
    To me it is an honouring of her vision and contribution to NVC, a vision and desire I share, to start this foundation and also making the NVC resources that were so precious to Milli and she spent so much time making or getting from other sources, available to others for use in line with Milli’s vision. Milli so wanted to spread NVC to the whole world and in these and other ways we are continuing that desire.
    I am a fellow trainer and Milli was/is a dear friend of mine. Through her enthusiasm she thoroughly introduced me to NVC. Along the way I realised that NVC is the path for me too, and now I am trainer myself ( We did a number of trainings together with me assisting, and am very happy to continue her efforts to spread both on my own path, and through contributing to the work of setting up the foundation and supporting her resources getting used to further her vision.
    With love and care,

  6. feels a little creepy to me to be using millis stuff so soon….good idea to start foundation though….good luck

  7. We have a vision to create a Mili O”Nair Foundation.

    This Foundation will financially support people to do NVC Foundation Tainings. As well, it will support those who wish to deepen their understanding of NVC by attending trainings.

    Milli had some books, files and computer files related to NVC. We would like to make them up into packages to loan out to individuals and organisations.

    If you would like to contibiute financially and or with ideas and or with physcial help and or by joining a tele conference or by coming to a meeting, please let me know on or post a comment here.

    I’m grateful to be able to do this as it meets my need for continuity of Milli’s wonderful work and contribution to a more peacful world.

    Love and smiles

  8. ..and I will also cry, as I am now. I did not know Milli but her life has touched me all the way to the USA.

  9. As a fellow Laughter Yoga leader, I am saddened by Milli’s tragic death. Seeing her with fairy wings on, it is amazing that her departure involved flying through the air. Her spirit ensured her safe landing into the arms of our great Mother Earth and returning whole to the spirit world. I know Milli’s vision was just like mine and probably yours—the collective vision of a kind, peaceful planet living in joy. I love how Milli helped to make this vision a reality with how she lived her life, in her life work doing non-violent communication, helping others to use the dark times of their past as sources of wisdom, and also bringing more peace to the world by sharing the joy of laughter. We never know when the one we are with may be the last time. May we all learn deeply from Milli’s passage to love one another and express that love now. My heart aches and opens with you all, and my deepest compassion goes out to The Gondwana Sanctuary and all who loved Milli. I will laugh in Milli’s honor today.

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