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Milli O’Nair   Job Description

“Trainer – Facilitator – Mediator – Coach – Mentor – Entertainer – Nonviolent Communication – Fitness & Wellbeing – Magical Fairy & Wild Cat – Laughter Yoga & Games – Training’s – Workshops – Events – Parties”

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Milli O’Nair   CNVC Certified Trainer

I was brought up in the alternative movement with a strong Buddhist and compassionate foundation. The violent communication at high school and my childhood trauma, tore me in half. This outer conflict and inner struggle, ignited my passion to do it differently. There had to be a way to connect with compassion and I set out to expand on what I knew. For over twenty years I delved deep to heal and explored far, to have the tools to make a difference in the world.

My commitment and determination lead me to Nonviolent Communication. I’m touched by NVC, it offers practical communication tools that support me in coming from my heart and being conscious in my relating. NVC brings together all that I know, value and have learnt, it is the missing element I was looking for.

My intensive training with Dr Marshall Rosenberg the founder of Nonviolent Communication, connected me to the power of this life changing process. Since then I have fully committed myself to being an NVC Trainer and sharing this process. I have been either facilitating trainings, organising events or building community ever since. I enjoy the diversity of trainings and variety of trainers and participate in everything possible, expanding my knowledge, skill and fluency. With over four years of intensive training, facilitating and integrating NVC, I am now Certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.

I enthusiastically integrate NVC into my life and work. Having been a fitness trainer, life coach and counselor for over ten years. I founded Let’s Connect, a business exploring dynamic and interactive ways of connecting. From NVC to Laughter Yoga and Playful Self Discovery Games, I facilitate inner and outer connection, with self and others.

I draw on my trainings and experiences with Yoga, Personal Fitness Training, Life Coaching, Business Management, Adult Education, Facilitation, Community Development, Healing Trauma, Play and Laughter Therapy. I spice up my sessions with my spiritual and cultural studies, while I was travelling the world. I weave these qualifications, experiences and gifts to share this empowering process, in innovative ways.

My Trainings and Sessions are experiential and interactive, tailored to meet your needs, using real life situations. I create a supportive and respectful learning environment. My passion is to inspire and motivate people to really connect and be empowered.

I’m active in the Australian NVC community and committed to:

  • Facilitating Foundation and Advanced Trainings
  • Mediating with couples, families and community groups
  • Counselling and Coaching individuals and groups
  • Initiating and Co-ordinating practice groups
  • Networking and Organising Events
  • Marketing and Program Development
  • Trainer Development and Mentoring
  • NVC in Schools Project with Education Qld
  • Sociocratic NVC meetings – Australia and SEA&O circles
  • Building Community and Creating Sustainable Relationships

All these activities support my sense of contribution in the world. I am moved and inspired to share this valuable skill with you.

Do you want to learn NVC in an experiential, supportive and creative way?  If so, I look forward to connecting and learning together. You choose the location and times to suit.

Special interest areas:

  • Community Development and Team Building. Communication and Systems Consulting.
  • Mediation and Coaching with individuals, couples and groups.
  • Bringing all this together to create Sustainable Relationships in an Empowered Community.


Trainings offered by Milli

Locations: NSW, QLD, VIC, WA. Willing to travel worldwide.  Willing to travel worldwide.

Trainings, Mediation and Counselling

Appropriate for individuals, couples and groups. From the boardroom to the bedroom, Nonviolent Communication has proven benefits with empowering results.

In my trainings and sessions I share the Revolutionary work of Dr Marshal Rosenbergs Nonviolent Communication NVC.

Mediation and Coaching Sessions.

Do you long to move forward in your challenging relationships? From a business / community meeting to the bedroom – NVC is a powerful tool to support healthy connections between people. You can learn it while being supported in your mediation session.

A Taste of Empowerment

Experience NVC in a mini training and introductory session, between one hour and one day. In a supportive and practical way taste NVC for yourself, with real life and relevant exercises. I am willing to travel to your workplace, seminar or event.

Foundation Training.

A fourteen-hour experiential NVC Training spread over two to eight sessions. You will learn the foundation of NVC, allowing understanding and integration of this powerful life changing process. Learning takes place in a safe, challenging and supportive environment, with a variety of learning styles catered for – presentation, demonstration, practical and relevant exercises, discussion, role plays, games, sharing and working in small groups.

Taking the next step

Specific areas where you can develop your NVC skills. 7-14 hour Advanced Trainings in:

  • Intimate Relationships
  • What’s making you Angry?
  • The Healing Power of Empathy
  • Mediation and Reconciliation
  • Healing Trauma
  • Opening to your Creativity
  • NVC Trainer Development and Mentoring

Contact me to connect with others in your area wanting to learn NVC or organise a Training or sessions for you and your friends, family, workplace or organisation.


Private sessions

Mediation and Coaching Sessions

I offer private sessions appropriate for individuals, couples and groups I’m based in Northern NSW and travel up and down the east coast, I’m willing to travel worldwide. Sessions by phone or teleconference are an option.

Possibilities include guidance / mediation / coaching; in meetings, at the workplace; with community groups; intimate relationships; family dynamics and individually.

By getting to the heart of the matter and keeping on track, I guide you to being empowered with Nonviolent Communication to resolve your own issues. When one is connected we can better connect with others – heart to heart. The solutions emerge organically from the open, safe and creative space established.

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