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  1. I combined two of my favourite poems around departures as I feel it’s exactly Milli and a beautiful blessing as well as confirmation of Milli and her spirit. I wish I could be here to celebrate Milli today but send you on this poem as words of comfort and a healing balm in that gap Milli has left behind.

    Much love and light,



    Ancient Irish Blessings on Death

    Written by John O Donaghue (An Irish poet himself departed)


    “I pray that you will have the blessing

    Of being consoled and sure about your death.


    May you know in your soul

    There is no need to be afraid.


    When your time comes, may you have

    Every blessing and strength you need.


    May there be a beautiful welcome for you

    In the home you are going to.

    You are not going somewhere strange,

    Merely back to the home you have never left.


    May you see the reflection of your life’s kindness and beauty

    In all the tears that fall for you.


    May your spirit feel

    The surge of true delight

    When the veil of the visible

    Is raised, and you glimpse again

    The living faces

    Of departed family and friends before you.


    May there be some beautiful surprise

    Waiting for you inside death,

    Something you never knew or felt,

    Which with one simple touch

    Absolves you of all loneliness and loss,

    As you quicken within the embrace

    For which your soul was eternally made.


    May your heart be speechless

    At the sight of the truth

    Of all your belief had hoped,

    Your heart breathless

    In the light and lightness

    Where each and every thing

    Is at last its true self

    Within that serene belonging

    That dwells beside us

    On the other side

    Of what we see.


    May your going be sheltered

    And your welcome assured.


    May your soul smile

    In the embrace

    Of your *Anam Cara your ‘Soul Mate’


  2. Remembering Milli 2010


    There’s something missing


    Your affirmations of abundance ..Milli O’Nair

    The oval wooden bowl filled with sprouts and grated beetroot for our shared meals

    The way you raged as we sat on the highest sand dune at Tyagarrah about the latest boyfriend breaking yet another contract you both had made

    That basket, full of great NVC games and the odd wand or three

    Your coo-ee as you neared my door

    Your understanding and insights as I spilled my latest heart woes

    The way you cut your fingernails straight across ..the last part I saw of you was your hand

    The plans we made for community – all of us together in perfect understanding and openness

    Your boobs bursting into that turquoise and gold Abundance t-shirt

    The long phone calls when you weren’t nearby sharing what was up

    The howls and tears you cried, tissues mounting by your side, and then that long “ahhh glad I got that out”

    Your pain, your humour, your intensity, your love

    There’s something missing Milli




    By Wendy Royston

  3. Hi Milli…I have met you in January 2005, and you helped me to arrange a workshop. I was always remembering you. I get a real deep shock, when I heart from your accident. My mother was killed in a car – accident too. The whole thing came up to me again, and you know, you have a similar looking with my mother and I was asking myself: “Why did it happen to them. What is the relation between the victim and a the doer?” I hope you will find answer where you are now, maybe if you come back, we will meet again. So I want to say good buy to you, that you will find your peace in universe. I will always be loving your soul
    and remembering you.

  4. missing you dear woman xo

  5. GOD Bless You Milli – I LOVE YOU. Tansy xxxxxxx :)
    “My Baby now rests in HEAVEN….” From The Divine MOTHER.