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  1. Milli dear soul, you will be so missed by all of us who you touched with your love and laughter. Away with the faeries at last, flying free. Thanks for all you gave to us here on the earth plane. You will never be far away and you will never be forgotten. Love you so much. Blessed be.

  2. May the flowers you planted in this world continue to blossom and offer their sweet perfume of love truth and laughter so that you can sing and dance on our hearts with the fairies and angels forever after Love and Light to you Milli, all your friends and family x Ami x

  3. I am one of the many people who loved Milli and her impeccable devotion to making the world a happier, more joyful place. Milli seemed to innately understand how to bring a smile to all kinds of people, of all ages. I found her to be wise in many ways, a result of her Main Arm upbringing, and her karma. I found her to be brave, steadfast and committed to the happiness of strangers and friends. She understood ‘connection’, and lived out of that depth understanding of what it is to be human. Those who knew her are truly blessed. Smiling through the tears, I KNOW she is flying free. Bye Milli, you beloved gorgeous gal!

  4. Oh Milli how I miss you.. I feel such a deep loss..
    yet I feel an immense gratitude of you and what you gave to so many..inspiration, motivation, authenticity, play, laughter, empathy, connection.. and you truly inspired.. ‘be yourself there’s no one better qualified’ Your realness, energy and passion what a gift to all.
    I have witness you seek, find, heal, grow and truly blossom into doing and being what you dreamed did it Milli! those NVC seeds you planted will keep on growing and blossoming.
    Like you said ‘nvc was the missing element, I’m sharing something I’m so passionate about, this has given meaning to my life’

    I honor our deep and honest friendship Milli and over the last 12 years I cherish the rich and colourful movie in my heart and mind of you..
    festivals, abundance workshops, parties, ceremonies,wildcat dress ups, yoga, dancing, beach power walks &talks, bike rides, empathy swaps, NVC trainings and ongoing groups, tears, laughter.. you have affected me. Thank you Milli for your gift of life you so freely, generously and abundantly shared, you’re unforgettable.

    ‘Into the freedom of wind and sunshine we let you go
    Into the dance of the stars and planets we let you go
    Into the winds breath and star makers we let you go
    We love you, we miss you and your laughter
    go safely, go dancing, go flying home


  5. Aaah Milli!

    What a wonderful send off Party you gave us.

    Your joy, passion, love and feeling expressed in the hundreds of beautiful people who came to celebrate you.

    God Bless you. Take care on your wonderful journey through the Faery Heavens of Love.