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  1. I combined two of my favourite poems around departures as I feel it’s exactly Milli and a beautiful blessing as well as confirmation of Milli and her spirit. I wish I could be here to celebrate Milli today but send you on this poem as words of comfort and a healing balm in that gap Milli has left behind.

    Much love and light,



    Ancient Irish Blessings on Death

    Written by John O Donaghue (An Irish poet himself departed)


    “I pray that you will have the blessing

    Of being consoled and sure about your death.


    May you know in your soul

    There is no need to be afraid.


    When your time comes, may you have

    Every blessing and strength you need.


    May there be a beautiful welcome for you

    In the home you are going to.

    You are not going somewhere strange,

    Merely back to the home you have never left.


    May you see the reflection of your life’s kindness and beauty

    In all the tears that fall for you.


    May your spirit feel

    The surge of true delight

    When the veil of the visible

    Is raised, and you glimpse again

    The living faces

    Of departed family and friends before you.


    May there be some beautiful surprise

    Waiting for you inside death,

    Something you never knew or felt,

    Which with one simple touch

    Absolves you of all loneliness and loss,

    As you quicken within the embrace

    For which your soul was eternally made.


    May your heart be speechless

    At the sight of the truth

    Of all your belief had hoped,

    Your heart breathless

    In the light and lightness

    Where each and every thing

    Is at last its true self

    Within that serene belonging

    That dwells beside us

    On the other side

    Of what we see.


    May your going be sheltered

    And your welcome assured.


    May your soul smile

    In the embrace

    Of your *Anam Cara your ‘Soul Mate’


  2. Remembering Milli 2010


    There’s something missing


    Your affirmations of abundance ..Milli O’Nair

    The oval wooden bowl filled with sprouts and grated beetroot for our shared meals

    The way you raged as we sat on the highest sand dune at Tyagarrah about the latest boyfriend breaking yet another contract you both had made

    That basket, full of great NVC games and the odd wand or three

    Your coo-ee as you neared my door

    Your understanding and insights as I spilled my latest heart woes

    The way you cut your fingernails straight across ..the last part I saw of you was your hand

    The plans we made for community – all of us together in perfect understanding and openness

    Your boobs bursting into that turquoise and gold Abundance t-shirt

    The long phone calls when you weren’t nearby sharing what was up

    The howls and tears you cried, tissues mounting by your side, and then that long “ahhh glad I got that out”

    Your pain, your humour, your intensity, your love

    There’s something missing Milli




    By Wendy Royston

  3. Hi Milli…I have met you in January 2005, and you helped me to arrange a workshop. I was always remembering you. I get a real deep shock, when I heart from your accident. My mother was killed in a car – accident too. The whole thing came up to me again, and you know, you have a similar looking with my mother and I was asking myself: “Why did it happen to them. What is the relation between the victim and a the doer?” I hope you will find answer where you are now, maybe if you come back, we will meet again. So I want to say good buy to you, that you will find your peace in universe. I will always be loving your soul
    and remembering you.

  4. missing you dear woman xo

  5. GOD Bless You Milli – I LOVE YOU. Tansy xxxxxxx :)
    “My Baby now rests in HEAVEN….” From The Divine MOTHER.

  6. Milli dear soul, you will be so missed by all of us who you touched with your love and laughter. Away with the faeries at last, flying free. Thanks for all you gave to us here on the earth plane. You will never be far away and you will never be forgotten. Love you so much. Blessed be.

  7. May the flowers you planted in this world continue to blossom and offer their sweet perfume of love truth and laughter so that you can sing and dance on our hearts with the fairies and angels forever after Love and Light to you Milli, all your friends and family x Ami x

  8. I am one of the many people who loved Milli and her impeccable devotion to making the world a happier, more joyful place. Milli seemed to innately understand how to bring a smile to all kinds of people, of all ages. I found her to be wise in many ways, a result of her Main Arm upbringing, and her karma. I found her to be brave, steadfast and committed to the happiness of strangers and friends. She understood ‘connection’, and lived out of that depth understanding of what it is to be human. Those who knew her are truly blessed. Smiling through the tears, I KNOW she is flying free. Bye Milli, you beloved gorgeous gal!

  9. Oh Milli how I miss you.. I feel such a deep loss..
    yet I feel an immense gratitude of you and what you gave to so many..inspiration, motivation, authenticity, play, laughter, empathy, connection.. and you truly inspired.. ‘be yourself there’s no one better qualified’ Your realness, energy and passion what a gift to all.
    I have witness you seek, find, heal, grow and truly blossom into doing and being what you dreamed did it Milli! those NVC seeds you planted will keep on growing and blossoming.
    Like you said ‘nvc was the missing element, I’m sharing something I’m so passionate about, this has given meaning to my life’

    I honor our deep and honest friendship Milli and over the last 12 years I cherish the rich and colourful movie in my heart and mind of you..
    festivals, abundance workshops, parties, ceremonies,wildcat dress ups, yoga, dancing, beach power walks &talks, bike rides, empathy swaps, NVC trainings and ongoing groups, tears, laughter.. you have affected me. Thank you Milli for your gift of life you so freely, generously and abundantly shared, you’re unforgettable.

    ‘Into the freedom of wind and sunshine we let you go
    Into the dance of the stars and planets we let you go
    Into the winds breath and star makers we let you go
    We love you, we miss you and your laughter
    go safely, go dancing, go flying home


  10. Aaah Milli!

    What a wonderful send off Party you gave us.

    Your joy, passion, love and feeling expressed in the hundreds of beautiful people who came to celebrate you.

    God Bless you. Take care on your wonderful journey through the Faery Heavens of Love.


  11. Milli you were such a light upon this earth in so many ways. We grieve at your absence and yet in our hearts you will always live on.
    Your presence and love for humanity has touched so many in so many ways.
    Blessings dear one and to your family at this time.
    As you guard us from the other side I say thank you and deep gratitude for having known you for a time.
    with Love Life and Laughter and huge compassion

  12. The last thing Milli said to me was “Just be clear about what you really want”. On reflection, she was really emphatic about it. Last time I saw her she was so empowered, centered and happy. She told me she’d found a peace and healing within that she’d been searching for, and was ready to share it with the world. I find it hard to believe she’s gone, but am grateful I got to know her while she was here.

  13. Bon Voyage dearest Milli, thank you for making our children giggle and smile. My heart is reaching out to your family. Much love.

  14. Our meeting in this realm was short and sweet…I’ve always admired your effervescent presence – you stood out amongst the crowd whether in fairy wings & rainbows or in soulful connection with another. Shine on Milli! Thanks for blessing our world – Coral x

  15. Pre-site comments at Milli’s profile on Facebook

    • Eleanor Hammond
      Milli. Thank you for touching my life. I don’t know how else to say it.
    • Cecilie Schiotz
      On behalf of the Margii crew, thank you for YOUR LIGHT that continues to lead the way for so many that you have TOUCHED over the many Magical Mela moments….Warm Love from me to you….BABA NAM KEVA LAM XOX
    • Bel Sloan
      A blog spot has been established as another space where people can share their feelings, remembering, celebrations and mourning. It is at Celebrating Milli
    • Lesley Halliday
      Milli, dear Milli, you lived life to the fullest and gave so freely of your Self. I’m so grateful for knowing you, for the inspiration, honesty and fun. I wish I could share the celebration of your life and the expression of loss with those who loved you. I’ll be thinking of you all at that time, from here in England. Thank you Milli, with love Lesley
    • Luke Lokesh Deacon
      Milli thankyou for your inspiration and the great joy and healing you brought to us. Love Lokesh, Maetreyii and Kailash
    • Raquel Martin
      thankyou to everybody for all your support, for those in the country, we shall see you monday morning at kohinur hall…bring laughter along with the tears, we would love to hear of your connections with aunty milli, fly free our love, we miss you so much already xoxoxoxoxoxo
    • Bel Sloan
      If you would like to connect in with the time of Milli’s funeral to celebrate and mourn in your own way, it is at 1-2pm on Monday May 18th. Warmly, Bel. xx
    • Lesley Halliday
      Warm wishes to Mill’s family and closest friends.
    • Mercedes Frace
      i imagine your swirling and flittering into the next level of higher consciousness… may your journeys be full of big love, bright light and unstoppable laughter… you have touched so many here … peace & healing Milli
    • Joni Havey
      It is hard to believe that you will not be around to laugh and dance and talk to. To everyone who knows that distinctive laugh…. You will be so missed and loved by so many.
    • Ajanta Judd
      Well Millie, you didn’t muck around, did you? I guess you’ve gone on to a higher purpose, light working within the grand scheme of things. I wish you well and know that you will be there, continuing to put your heart into the skillful evolution of all beings. You touched many on this plane and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so. Go well, be free, Millie. Much Metta, Ajanta xx
    • Linda Joy
      Flower Yow Millie, I felt only joy when I heard you popped off this planet, you finally get to be reconnected with Source, now you absolutely know what we all think we know. Blessings to you sweet lady, I can feel your presence these last 2 days and feel delighted to have my own Angel Millie watching over me. Thank you for blessings my life with your friendship, enjoy the next phase of your journey and continue to look over us, your friends always, until we are reunited. Blessings , Linda xxx
    • Chana Waters
      Dear Milli, I just heard, such sad news, I hope your next journey is a pleasent one. Life can be tough but we know you can laugh through it – All the best Chana
    • Adrienne Dewdney
      dear Milli, I finally feel I can write something here. You blessed our community and though sometimes you may have felt that you needed to deepen your connection us, you already had it and sunday night proved it. You touched so many people in this shire and the out pouring of love for you has touched everyone. You’ll never be forgotten. You are loved and take that with you for your next journey! Blessed BE!
    • Tarshito Behr
      continue to laugh,play and dance wherever you are…blessed journey sistar..
    • Mario Santini
      good luck on your journey.
    • Ken Jacob
      Blessed Milli, may your soul be at peace, keep on dancing, laughing and smiling – love Ken
    • Andy Wright
      I only met you briefly but you touched my heart. Travel well on your new journey
    • Basera Prem
      Now you finally get to try those wings out ,happy jouney Milli o and light as always.xx
    • Ashlee Thompson
      Little Miss Fairy may your journey be as full of love as the love you shared here xx
    • Christine Berry
      thats beautiful love :)
    • Samadhi Rogers
      Beautiful Milli, thanks for sharing your beautiful courageous soul with me, may you fly high and free, love Samadhi
    • Ljudan Michaelis
      love to you in those blessed heavens where you now reside. xxx
    • Varney Magill
      Dear Milli, laugh, play and dance on your new journey, love and blessings always x
    • Yehoshanah Lev
      Liat writes: Beloved Milli will be so dearly missed. She was tragically killed in a road accident on May 10th. Our love and prayers go to her family and all her dear ones.

    From Milli's Facebook profile

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