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  1. just learnt of Milli’s passing today. 11/7/12 Weird thing I heard about the accident in North Queensland at the time on the ABC radio news but her name wasn’t given. I remember being shocked all the same when I heard it .  I’m still  in North Queensland. I met Milli once briefly through a friend. She impressed me with her  endless energy involvement and diversity in action. We corresponded for a while via email. I saw her birthday coming up in my calendar, it had been a while and  thought i would search the net to see what she was up too. And found this site. I’m so sad. 
    Milli you were an inspiration to us all.  The world definitely needs more people like you. Shine on. What a beautiful soul. 

  2. Greetings to ya’ all. I’ve just added a log in form, for some added security, when making new contributions at Please feel free to contact me, if you need any help with the site.

  3. Hi to all of Millis beautiful community,
    Your love and c’elebration of Milli and her life and love is so very reassuring in this sad time as I just come to terms of learning about her not being in this world anymore…If you are holding any other celebrations or month’s mind please let me know either via mobile 0421 922 678 or email
    I live on the Gold Coast but will be travelling down to Byron next Wednesday so I would love to have a coffee and a hug from one of her friends-I met Milli at Woodford and we kept in touch over the past 5 years randomly so I am sad I don’t know any of her friends to share this loss…but again this webpage has been so lovely and I intend on organising a laughter party up in my neck of the woods and I really hope you will be able to come, laugh and celebrate our darling Milli.

    Much love,

  4. TO MILLI…

    Dearest, darling, most divine Milli…
    When I first met you at Woodford your effervescent charm, wit, bubbliness n pure love, such pure love flowing forth in a great big belly laugh just blew me away-I loved loved loved laughing with you so much that I came to all of your workshops!

    We kept in touch and I pestered you on and off to do a laughter Yoga teacher training day…and while that didn’t happen four years later as I was about to embark on a travel adventure overseas you came to the going away party and did a laughter session and it was so incredibly special. I remember how deeply touched I was when you took off your scarf and announced “Now we are going to throw this scarf up in the air and whoever it lands on has to say what they love about Devaki!” I was half mortified half delighted as it was like being at my own funeral! And you dearest Milli were there at yours and chuckled away and marveled I’m sure at the incredible love and joy you passed out to so many many people…I so wish I was there for your celebration but seeing the photos and reading about it I feel a part of it (thank you beautiful friends of Milli for doing that in the midst of your own loss and grief)

    Do you know Milli that you have left me such a wonderful tool of when it all becomes too much to just stop and have a massive big laugh and God does it work!

    And so darling Milli I embrace and celebrate you for the fabulous laughter fairy queen you are-your big beautiful belly laugh will always be with me.
    thank you Milli n so much love to you…

    [img] my Laughter Guru.JPG[/img]

  5. can you please let me know what has happened to milli after her cremation….also would anyone take a photo of the rainbow painted place where the accident happened and post here.
    thanks in advance x